Free Trials Terms & Conditions

1. Activity Duration: April 23th 0:00 AM to May 30th 23:59 PM (EST)

2. This activity is limited to 200 people. Each person can only buy one single color press-on nail. Activity will be ended when the quota is filled.

3. Each person can join the activity only once. Veda Tinda Nails reserves the right to refuse delivery and reward if we find the account sharing the same address, email or phone number.

4. Please notice that you need to fill in the questionnaire after 7 Days of wearing. Questionnaire Link:

5. Please fill in the questionnaires timely and effectively.
If the answers are unrelated or the reading time is less than 1 second, the questionnaire will become invalid. In that event, please re-fill and re-submit it again.
Here are the following situations in which your payment will become non-refundable and no reward.
a. After delivery, you don’t complete the questionnaire within 20 days.

6. The user who fill out the Questionnaire completely and confirmed the validity of answers will receive the $10 cash back via Pay Pal or in the form of an Amazon gift card or Veda Tinda gift card .
Customer service will get in touch with you via email when the validity is confirmed and the reward will be issued within 7-14 working days..

7. The product cannot be exchanged except for quality problems.

8. Activity is only available on Veda Tinda Nails Website(

9. Veda Tinda Nails reserves the right to refuse to deliver product and/or reward, if any user has joined the activity by improper and fraudulent ways.

10. Veda Tinda Nails reserves the right to reschedule the time and revise rules without prior notice. The activity page shall take precedence.

11. If you have any questions related to this activity or other services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via Veda Tinda Nails Website or email

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