We Reinvented Press-on Nails,
Based On That We've All Been Through

Free from


Flexible, Sturdy, Lightweight, Natural
We should be protected by our nails, not protecting them from daily errands and chores. That's why our press-ons are made of premium acrylic, the best material in the category, like suits of armour to guard your nails.

Satisfy Our Inner

Craving for Delicacy

Ready-to-wear Salon Gel Manicure
Create a little ritual in life, zone out of the reality and spend some me-time. What can be more soothing than dressing up our nails at our safe space without all the mess while getting the same finishes?

Always Stand out

from the Crowd

Glossy, Radiant, Wear-resistant
We have each piece of the VTN nails applied with gel top coat and sealed the free edge. Shhhhh, we're the secret that you feel sparkling, matchless and flawless. Ready to get tons of compliments every time you reach out your hands.

Missing A Piece Is


Long-lasting, Seamlessly Fit
Neat and tidy, that's who we are. Therefore we develop thick and viscious glue to fill in the seam and lock in the close bond for more than 2 weeks. Don't you worry about hair getting caught, we've got your back.

Let Hues

Speak for You

1400+ Unique Gel Colors
Share feelings, make impression, leave wonder, without uttering a word. That's what endlessly drive us to create unforgettable subtle shades to linger on your eyes and heart, for you to bravely embrace yourself, no matter up or down.

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